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Listen to recorded track keeping Varispeed setting

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I want to know if it's possible to record a guitar part in a slower tempo than the originally defined for the project and listen back to the track after it was recorded.

The problem occurs when for example I have a project with a 112 BPM tempo and I want to record a guitar track setting the Varispeed to -30%. If I want to listen to what I have recorded I am forced to reset the Varispeed to 0%. I would like to be able to listen to what I have recorded keeping the Varispeed at -30%.



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Yes recording in "Speed Only" mode is not going to give you usable results. You can use "Varispeed" mode though. I suggest you click the % sign and choose Detune, then adjust your varispeed in semi-tones. For example -6 semi tones gives you about -30 % then you record your guitar part 6 semitones lower. 

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I didn't know it was possible to change the Speed Only mode and the way it's measured. That's interesting.

I tried it, but it doesn't work because although I can listen to the recorded track, the guitar keeps getting recorded in the original tuning.

When you say "record your guitar part 6 semitones lower" do you mean that I had to physically down tune my guitar 6 semitones? Or there's a way to do it with Logic Pro without affecting the actual tuning that I'm playing on the guitar.

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I've done it many times, so it does work. What I mean is that if you tune your mix down 6 semi-tones with varispeed then you need to play in tune with the way your mix now plays back, so 6 semi-tones lower than the original. If the song is originally in A, it will play back in Eb and you'll have to record an Eb part. When you turn off varispeed, both the original song and your recording will play back in A. 

You do have to play in the different key. Basically what you play has to sound in key with the playback of your mix at the time of your recording. 

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