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Any updated method of Choking a Regular Ride Cymbal (not a "crash") in Newer version of Logic


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I'd like to see if there's an EASY way to "choke" a regular ride cymbal (as in a Midi note converted from "Drummer")!?

I know that Logic has the 2 slots already for "Crash stops" but that is not what I'm referring to.  I mean just a steady "Ride" hit (like in a Chorus).  So it doesn't resonate so long.

I read some of the previous methods (involving scripting I believe) and I'm hoping Logic's newer version(s) have included something easier/simple to "Choke" it.

Thank you!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there is a NOT easy way to do this -- you may be familiar with it. The drum set can be opened in Sampler (load it in DKD, then change the plugin to Sampler), where you can assign the rides and off to a single-note polyphony zone (layer). It's been a while -- I might have missed something.

Hope this helps a little.

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You could drop the ride sample, or a recording of it, into Q-Sampler and switch it from One-Shot to Classic. Then you can use the midi note length to control when you want the note to stop, fading out with the Amp Release time.

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