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Logic Pro Crashing When Pasting Between Files (esp. with Flex Pitch enabled)

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I've had it about up to here with this program. It's one of the best audio editing softwares out there, and yet it still manages to be a hunk of junk. The software has so many bugs and glitches, and no it's not user error. I've worked in software dev for 20 years. The staff must be actively avoiding bug reports for this amount of glitches and user-friendly UI design flaws to exist.

The one I will report on to start that I've just gotten fed up with is the software crashing when pasting between files. This isn't a RAM related issue either. Like most people I don't record in the same file I work in; I paste bits and parts over and if Flex esp. pitch is enabled, it will generally crash. Sometimes nothing has to be enabled it will simply crash after 30 secs of pasting. I have to reboot the software sometimes like 20 times in 30 minutes, and let's not also mention the absurd amount of pop-ups that occur at launch; a pop-up about opening the auto-saved file. A pop-up asking if I want to open or close files before opening multiple. I'm sure many of these can be disabled, but it begs the question that why there are 8 pop-ups in the first place? And don't just tell me it's me. Maybe it isn't you but I know for certain many others are experiencing this.

A pop-up from Apple reporting the crash; a pop-up about downloads. Pop-ups about plugins which should be forbidden and easy to disabled instead of having to spend all day every day finding a way to get Logic Pro to work consistently instead of just sucking it up and saying "oh this unstable program is completely perfectly acceptable". It's beyond unstable. It crashes non-stop, and has endless bugs and glitches.

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When you say pasting between files, do you mean pasting between projects? If so, Logic is known for not handling that well (I think there are some circumstances where it's safe to do, but they may be fairly limited). Importing from other projects is often suggested as a safer alternative. I think that's the reason they prompt you about closing open projects before opening additional projects, but you can turn that prompt off in the settings if you really want to. You might be able to change some of the other behaviors that bother you as well (for example, if you don't want auto-backups at all, you can turn those off in settings).

As for the meta-issue of Logic's robustness and stability, there's been some spirited discussion around here about that as of late 😁 My personal anecdotal and unscientific observation after working with different DAWs is that Logic may be a bit on the buggy side (I have some guesses about why that might be, but it's probably pointless to speculate), but ultimately there's a finite set of options available to us (submit bug reports and feature requests, participate in forums like this one, work around the issues, use different tools, etc.), and all we can really do is choose from among those. I agree though that, whether it's Logic or some other software, being beset with issues can sometimes be quite frustrating in the moment, especially when it consumes your time and creative energy. Such is the price of having these tools available I suppose.

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10 hours ago, anonymouse said:

a pop-up about opening the auto-saved file. A pop-up asking if I want to open or close files before opening multiple. I'm sure many of these can be disabled, but it begs the question that why there are 8 pop-ups in the first place?

Check your keyboard, your "2" key seems to type "8" instead 😉 And for those two message boxes, you really want to see them, trust me.

10 hours ago, anonymouse said:

crashing when pasting between files

As the others have pointed out, this is not really recommended in Logic (if you want to improve that situation, send reports via Apple's feedback page). You should use e.g. Track Import instead.

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On 3/6/2023 at 5:20 AM, JakobP said:

If your normal workflow involves having more than one project open I'm not surprised you're having big problems. Here's a recent discussion about it... What's the use of logic pro's prompt asking whether to close the project window when making a new project?

I see. Well, I'm not entirely surprised. GarageBand can't handle multiple projects it seems, so they deprecated implementing the feature; I really do need multiple projects open, but if it's a well known issue and acknowledged by the company itself this is definitely something I'd prefer to in the forefront of their warning prompts. Thank you 🙂

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