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Instruments tracks suddenly start playing through other tracks faders


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Hi. I'm experiencing very strange behaviour that started a few weeks back and seems to be happening on old tracks as well as new ones. 

During playback, one instrument will suddenly come through another instrument's fader extremely loudly. It's not completely predictable, but once it happens once it will often continue to do it in the same place, but not always. And when it stops it may not do it again for a while, or at another point in the arrangement a different instrument will start doing the same thing, but the unwelcome audio always seems to get routed to the same fader. A solution is to delete the instrument track which the audio gets routed to, but it often reoccurs if I close the arrangement and reopen it.

Has anyone experience or heard of this before? I suspect its either a software bug or an audio interface issue. I'm using a Mac Studio with an old RME AES-32 in PCI-e enclosure with Lavry and Dangerous converters.

I've got 23 years experience making music using Logic for a living, so I know this is a fault, I'm just trying to work out what it is causing it.


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Thanks. I think that's a possibility, but it doesn't explain why it sometimes comes through and other times it doesn't. I think it may have something to do with multiple outputs. It seems that the channels that receive the unwanted audio are from plugins that have multiple output options, like Kontakt, BFD3 etc and somehow audio from other plugins, ie synth instruments finds its way into the the into the Kontakt stream and then combines the sound from both instruments. It's really very odd, and happening on nearly all the arrangements I open, new and old.



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