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Dithering : pow vs. third party stuff - any difference?


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I made myself a little test: I compared a stereomixdown which played from Logic through the output Bus (better I say main Output channel) with the same mixdown bounced and dithered with pow#1 , #2, #3.


I am wondering if you guys notice a difference when you bounce a stereo 24 bit mixdown to a 16 bit PCM file (for CD use). Sample rate is not an issue here as I recorded at 44.1 already. But I can say I do hear the difference between the original mixdown when it is playing back from Logic and when the bounced and dithered one is playing back from iTunes (no EQ).

On the same system, same time, same mixing room...


I did not do this kind of a test yet in logic. I did not notice this kind of difference when I used CubaseSX and there I use Waves IDR dithering stuff (L2 mostly).

/This not meant to be a start of a Cubase-Logic war. Personally I like how my mixes from Logic sounds much more than the Cubase ones. It is the difference after 24bit to 16bit conversion and dithering.


Did anybody a comparsion of a Logic's "native" "pow#1, #2, #3 dithering technique and let's say Waves IDR or other third party stuff?


here is detail description of my comparsion:


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