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I'm after a good one but I've noticed they all have very short power leads, you can't choose where on your work desk you would like to place them. Mine is so cluttered up with different cables criss-crossing one another it looks like Sideshow Bob's hair.

I know cable ties can help tidy up a bit, but if anyone knows of a decent hub that can give a bit of leeway I would be much obliged.



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On 3/18/2023 at 12:18 PM, Little Fat Bloke said:

they all have very short power leads

That's for a reason: these cables are carrying data as well as power and the longer they get, the worse they transfer. Data transfer rates will go down pretty quickly (although I haven't dabbled with repeaters or medical grade cables or anything $$$). Don't extend too much!

Also, hate to say it but check specs before buying: USB-C cables vary wildly and many are good at either data or power.

I'm no expert at all but when I bought an external SSD and thought the cable was just ridiculously short I tried replacing it with my MBP 2019 charger's USB C cable. Transfer speeds went from about a gigabyte per second to something barely noticeable. A cheap extension cord did way better but still cost some 30% speed over about an arm's length

So all in all I hope you love cable research a lot better than I do - or maybe someone can chime in and point out a good deal...

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