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Bug with duplicated silent MIDI in Piano Roll (v10.7.7)

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Using logic 10.7.7 on M1 Pro MBP (16-inch 2021, M1 Pro, 32GB, Monterey 12.6.1)

I'm having the following bug in the MIDI piano roll. Otherwise, system running fine.

1. Record MIDI using external midi controller (works normal, sound from virtual instrument works as normal)
2. Playback works normal
3. Open piano roll midi view
4. Clicking on a note makes no sound (bug)
5. Dragging the note  elsewhere (nothing held on keyboard) shows there is an identical note behind the selected note.
6. Clicking the now un-hidden note makes sound.
7. Selecting notes by using drag-to-select select-box makes sound (presumedly because it is selecting both the front silent note and the hidden real note)
8. Deleting the hidden note leaves the real note that still plays.

Video on Google Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pyHxseQQGiiGsMS27

Anyone else experiencing this?


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Your keyboard is probably transmitting midi on more than one channel, open the event list to verify this. If that's the case, you should investigate the keyboards manual how to stop that from happening. It's often called "layering" or similar. Hth...

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@JakobP That was it! Thanks so much for the quick and spot on help. Never had this issue before with the ~5 different midi controllers I've had, so didn't even know to look for it. Guess I bumped something on this one and accidentally enabled 2 different midi channels. Messed around in settings and back to 1 channel now and working exactly as it should.

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