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Midi information not showing individual notes


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I have a prophet rev2 which is connected to a roland rubix44 interface, and when I use an external instrument track to record an arpeggio melody with my synth, the midi comes out as whole lines instead of the individual notes from the arp. How can I get the individual midi notes from the arpeggio as midi? Suggestions?


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I haven't used the specific hardware you mention, but I'll go ahead and point out what's probably obvious, which is that if the external instrument is doing the arpeggiating, generally the un-arpeggiated MIDI is exactly what you'd want to record, because then when you play it back via the external instrument, you'll get the arpeggiation again.

Maybe someone else knows the hardware you mention and will understand better, but meanwhile, can you explain why you want to capture the arpeggiated MIDI specifically? (Maybe that's a stupid question and I'm just not getting it...) 

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Oh wow ok, good to know I was wrong then! 🙂 Actually you're right, a little more research turned this out: 

To enable MIDI Note output from the arpeggiator:

  1. Press the global button, then turn soft knob 1 to select midi arp notes (global item #14).
  2. Turn soft knob 3 (off/on) and select on. Press the global button again to exit the Global menu.
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I think it's actually #13. Manual says: 

Global Setting #13. MIDI Arp+Seq: Off, On—When On, the synth’s arpeggiator and sequencer output MIDI note numbers. You can use this feature to drive other MIDI-equipped devices such as synthesizers and drum machines.

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