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Are Rob Papen audio units just VST wrappers?

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I'm 'cleaning' my system of all-things not-necessary, and since I only use Macs (LP and Live), and only collaborate with people who use Macs (LP and Live), I'm ditching the 14GB of VST and VST3 plugins where possible.

This has been seemless so far, with one exception: Rob Papen Blue 3, which says the plugin isn't found when I try to open the audio unit in Logic. Upon following the error message's advice, I went reinstall (not really, I can just move the VSTs back in place), and noticed that you can't deselect the VST version when installing.

It's not a huge deal; I can just put it back, but I'm wondering if my conclusion that it's really just a wrapper, or if I'm missing something.

Is this still a common thing? I haven't finished going through 100% of the VST-removed plugins yet, but this is the first of the 'core use' plugins I've tried that have been lost without their VST.


- zevo

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Yeah, I put the VST2 version back in place, and it works fine now. Also went through all the other plugins, and it's the only one that wouldn't load; unsure about stability yet (with all the others now VST-less), but selecting presets and twiddling a knob are too seemed fine all around.

Cool. Thanks for that. I'll leave it in place. Its only 4.8MB anyway.

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