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eMagic Logic Control Reset to Mackie Mode Needed in Logic 10.7.7


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This is my current progress in this evening's unwelcome issue with my (ancient) eMagic Logic Control, as plugged into my (even older) Unitor 8 MKII. Skip to the last paragraph if you want the latest. 

Logic 10.6.2: Control surface recognized and working. 

Exact same file in...

Logic 10.7.2: Control surface not recognized. Running MIDI reset makes the faders flinch, but there is no recognition of the file, no lights, nothing. 

Exact same file in...

Logic 10.7.7: The same as 10.7.2.

Exact same file back in...

Logic 10.6.2: Control surface recognized and working. 

The usual ploys were attempted: delete the .cs preferences, delete .plist preferences, try Rebuild Defaults, turn off and on several times, reboot, delete and reinstall Logic Control in Control Surfaces.

Occasionally, a MIDI reset will cause the motorized faders to stand at attention, but they still don't see the file. 

Last paragraph: to coax my eMagic Logic Control to acknowledge the file in Logic 10.7.7, I held down Track Select buttons 1 and 2 while powering up and changed from Logic Control Mode to Mackie Control Mode. Now it is working in 10.7.7. If anyone would like to tell me if this is common / unusual / occasional, and for what reasons, I'd appreciate the feedback. As to the unit's function tomorrow, one can only hope. 

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