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DRUMLAB/Logic Pro — Recoding a (written) MIDI track to audio: What's going wrong?


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Aloha from O'ahu,


I'm working with a multi-timbral instrument, NI's DRUMLAB.


A DRUMLAB's groove plays beautifully in LPX. Each drum plays in a different LPX track.


But... how to record each track to audio? I cannot bounce as there's nothing written in multi-timbral tracks: they're just playing.


If I send from a MIDI track to a BUS, then use that BUS as the input for a new AUDIO track...


... it sometimes works...


... and sometimes doesn't...


I sent the KICK to Bus 18 and used Bus 18 as the input to an Audio track and recorded the kick.


I sent the SNARE to Bus 17 and used Bus 17 as the input for an Audio track and... can't get any sound into the audio track.


The two set-ups in the same project are exactly the same.


Can anyone help?






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If there were MIDI notes in the track, that would work.

With the multi-tibial, all the notes are in the first muklti-tibral track, but not down in the tracks assigned to individual drums. Hence, there is no data to bounce in place.

The only solution I can come up with is to bus the midi sound out, then use that as an input to an audio track, then record on that track.

As I noted earlier, this works.... sometimes.

By why not always with identical channel / bus set up?

Thanks again!


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