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Can't audition audio files in Project panel. It plays back only one audio file.

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Hi.  I'm importing .wavs into Sampler and I'm having trouble w the little playback icon at the bottom left of the Project panel.  (the one w the little speaker icon)

I want to preview the wav files that populate the Project panel.  But it "gets stuck" playing the same .wav.  I believe it's playing one of the sounds I imported into sampler.  But I can't audition other files in the list.  

What is the easiest way to tell Logic to play only the audio files in the list.  

Note: I have tried right clicking on the icon and experimenting there, but to no avail.  

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Do you mean the Project Audio browser? If you select multiple files in that browser and click the preview icon, the files should play in sequence, one after the other. Anything else you've done with those files such as importing them into Sampler should not affect that behavior. 

Still you can first give it a try in a new empty project with a few samples to check the behavior: 


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