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Monitor Tidal, Spotify, etc in Logic - How?


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I am trying to set things so that if I have playback from a stream service such as Tidal, that playback is actually via monitoring in Logic. I have RME BabyFace Pro and so as I understand this should all be doable via TotalMix.

Right now I have TotalMix loopback set on the main output and in Logic I see the input level, but it isn't outputting anything if I click the I button. I am trying to have it so that I can actually control volume of the Tidal playback in Logic. In this sense I am trying to have Logic be where I monitor Tidal.

Any tips for this sort of routing?

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I route my streaming audio apps (Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, QuickTime Player, etc) to Existential Audio's BlackHole (virtual audio driver), which is then selected as the input source for Logic.

You can create an Aggregate Device (Audio MIDI Setup) to combine the BlackHole and BabyFace Pro inputs and outputs.

Depending on your software monitoring settings, you may need to arm the track for recording by clicking the "R" button, in order to hear the input signal.


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