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Any way to load a channel strip without changing the track name?

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I had saved a custom channel strip, and also a performance, called "Komplete Kontrol with Limiter". That's because I have a Native Instruments keyboard that requires it to use all the features, otherwise there's no chance in hell I would use it.

But every time I load it, it changes the track name to that name. Is there a way to load it without overwriting the track's name?

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Thanks, David, that explains why that happens on most but a handful; this is a MIDI file that as usual sets all the tracks to the Steinway piano, but the regions have the actual names, so I did a "Name track by region/cell name" command on all of them.

So I guess when you rename tracks by region name, that's not a permanent thing? 

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8 hours ago, GeneralDisarray said:

So I guess when you rename tracks by region name, that's not a permanent thing? 

Honestly track names are a huge mess in Logic Pro. 

First of all, the name displayed on a track can be many things, and Logic can, depending on different factors, determine to name the track one thing or another, and you don't have any say in the matter. For example the name you see displayed could be the name of the channel strip, or a track name, or the name of a setting or patch. 

When you rename your track by region it renames the channel strip, but when you then choose a patch it displays the patch name even though the channel strip is still named after the region. Double-click the name displayed on the track and you'll see your region name (EXCEPT if you have another track assigned to the same channel strip in which case you'll see a track name). Which... doesn't make any sense of course. 

EDIT: There are actually so many conditions that affect that behavior that it's impossible for me to make any sense of it or to reproduce it with any kind of predictability.

A big mess. 

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