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Logic not Allowing Audio from other apps to play when Logic is open

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So when I play an audio file in the finder, but then i open up logic so the Logic app is active an at the front. The audio from the finder app will disappear until i press on any other app other than logic.

This happens with every app:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Finder
  • Other DAW's

When the Logic App is at the front the audio from other apps stops.

The weird thing is that if i logout of my Main Admin Account on my Mac and login into another account. Logic doesn't stop audio from other apps. But i don't know what to do to stop this behaviour on my main Mac account.

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Posted (edited)

Hi @David Nahmani


Unfortuntley it happens with all my audio devices.

Focusrite Audio Inteface conntected to headphones or monitors.

Headphones connected to audio jack

or even the Macbook Laptops speakers.


I Have even tried using the app sound control, where you can select a different audio output for each application.


But none of that has worked.


I had a 2011 until about a year ago an then i changed to a 2012 Macbook.


and i simply moved my SSD to the other Macbook an upgraded to OS Catalina on it, from OS High Sierra


but since then this audio issue has continued.


Although this issue happens on my Main Admin account. When I use other DAW's like Garageband, Ableton, Studio One, on my Main Mac Admin Account

None of those DAW's have this audio problem

It's only Logic Pro





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16 minutes ago, flasky1 said:

But on my user account it doesn't work properly

Ok great, that's good to hear. Then there's some troubleshooting to do on your current user account. 

The first step would be: 

  1. Quit Logic,
  2. In the Finder, hold down the Option key and click the "Go" menu at the top of your screen, choose Library,
  3. Inside the Preferences folder, trash com.apple.logic10.plist (that will reset all your global logic settings to defaults), 
  4. Restart your Mac,
  5. Try again?
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@David Nahmani


I have an app called Sound Control which allows you to select an audio device output for each application.

But that didn't work for me either.

For Example.

I tried Playing Logic through my Headphones

and Spotify through my speakers.


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