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Keyboard not triggering sampler

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Hi - I have this issue where using the laptop keyboard (cmd K) does not trigger my samples in sampler for a specific drum kit. It works for all my other kits and i've been through it thoroughly but can't see any difference in settings.

Does anyone have any idea of what to try? Just cannot seems to fix it. I should point out - I have just set up this kit (using an existing one and swapping out the samples) and then save as...

Also has some strange behaviours such as hitting the group or zone tab buttons in mapping will trigger the sample.

Any suggestions much welcomed.





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25 minutes ago, Jasonnash said:

Its saying the max file size I can attach to this response is 1.95mb? As my zip file has all the samples contained its coming up as 60mb.

Yes, 1.95MB is the max size. You should be able to go down to that size if you save a copy of the file without any of the unnecessary tracks, instruments and regions? 

Otherwise make the file available for example via Dropbox or Wetransfer. 

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David Nahmani
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You might check your round robin setup. Unless I'm missing something (which I may be), it looks like all the groups are part of the same round robin cycle, which means for any one note, playback will just stop after a few iterations, and you have to jump to a different kit piece to continue the round robin. (Again, I could be wrong! But you might check it out as a starting point.)

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