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Wave file sounds quiet when transferred to iPhone/email/notes

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to Wave file sounds quiet when transferred to iPhone/email/notes


Some starting points for troubleshooting:

- How are you transferring the files?

- Are you sure it's related to Logic? What happens if you transfer a standalone audio file, like a sample or something, without going through Logic? Does the behavior still occur?

- How are you evaluating the volume difference? At the risk of stating the obvious, it sounds like you're listening in multiple environments (through Logic, maybe on your phone, etc.), which means there will be various differences like system volume, quality of speakers/headphones, etc. How are you determining that the actual volume is lower?

- Have you opened the original and transferred files in an audio editor (e.g. Audacity) to see if they're actually significantly different?


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31 minutes ago, Terrell Washington said:

so I’m on Logic Pro and I want my song to be transferred to my iCloud Drive so I can master the file. What’s the steps in order to get the file through without losing quality. I literally have to turn my volume all the way up in the car 

if it's a pre-master, it should be lower in volume, as whoever masters it needs headroom to do what they do. it won't sound 'competitive' (in volume and quality) with whatever else you listen to in the car until it is mastered...

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