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Please Help! I'm SURE There's A Simple Answer...


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Okay, I've held off asking for a while, and I've even tried reinstalling from the DVDs... but I just can't find the Xtreme Analog and Digital sounds for EXS24.


Where would the default location be for these sounds? And could someone please list some of the sound file names so that I can spotlight search for them? Or even (better) screengrab their EXS sounds menu so I can compare.


Personally, I have two folders: factory and garageband.


Factory contains 11 subfolders:


Acoustic Pianos


Drums & Perc



Pop Strings

Pop Horns





Legacy Instruments


Would the Xtreme sounds be lurking in there somewhere?


I hope I've phrased the question okay - please let me know if you need more info. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.





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What used to be called the Xtreme Digital samples are now in a folder called just called DIgital Samples in the EXS Factory Samples folder. They still have the original names like Aarons Superstack & Abraxas, just no mention of Xtreme if that is what you were searching for.


I don't know what the Xtreme Analog samples were but there is another folder of EXS Factory Samples called Analog Samples which I presume are them. Search for JP8 Unison or AlanSQ.


BTW this all relates to the Pro 7 installation. 8's might be different.


Looking at your list they might be in the Synthesizers folder. Pro 7 didn't subdivide the EXS samples like that.

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Hurrah! Yep, that's all there. It's just a bit off for Apple to go as far as printing Xtreme Analog / Digital all over their literature (and, seemingly pushing it to the press for reviews) when they've abandoned this name for the folders.


Actually, it's even called Xtreme during the install!


Nevertheless: phew.


Thanks, Justin ;-)

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