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Create a template with ESX24 Instrument


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Hi all,


I've created an ESX Instrument which is acting as a ClickTrack. This Instrument I'm using inside Logic Studio and I've created a pattern for it.


Now I'd like to save this project as a template including the instrument. If I choose 'Save as template...' I can save the whole thing and give it a name.


Now I'm ready to create my new project based on this template. It creates a nice project with my pattern in it. The problem is that it can't find the instrument. Now I have to load the instrument manually, everytime I'm creating a project based on my template.


How can I be sure that my instrument is beeing loaded when creating a project?


Hope someone could explain this to me.



Daniel Plomp

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Do you remember where your custom instrument is stored? It sounds like it might not be in the proper place.


Make sure that your instrument or alias is in the following:




Hope this helps.

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Now I have stored the instrument inside the folder you suggested, but still no luck?

Even if I have created a project, imported the midi-track and re-loaded the instrument samples, stored the instrument with Save As... in the right folder.


Strange, should I copy maybe all samples etc. in my project folder?

I actually don't want to do that.



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