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Joining stereo region makes it mono (possible bug)

Danny Wyatt

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I've experienced this before and I never understood what was happening.

Today, facing the same issue, I noticed something and I would like to know if others can test this and confirm they experience the same thing. I'm with Logic 10.6.3.

If the audio channel is set to 128 or higher, then all stereo regions, when joined, are converted to mono.

Can anyone confirm this is a bug across other versions? This seems to be an issue other users had in the past, me included.

For example if I'm experiencing this and I create a new audio track that defaults to channel 1, for example and I drag the 2 audio regions, they are then joined as expected, as stereo. So it really seems the the channel's number is having some impact here

Important note: the track is not set to mono:

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There must be something else affecting this as I'm unable to duplicate the issue.

I created over 200 audio tracks and tested some of them…up to "Channel: Audio 209".

Two stereo regions selected (the only two on the track), command-J and I OK the usual "new audio file" warning and I get a stereo region.

macOS 13.3.1 (a), Mac Studio, Logic 10.7.7 running in native mode.

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This is not the first time I experience this and some users here on the forum shared the same frustration. I already took note of this on my "Tips" file, in case I forget what causes it.

I decided to open a new project, because it could be a project issue, even after restarting Logic, but the same thing happens. 127 is good, 128 = mono.

Since your version, which is higher than mine, doesn't behave like this, I guess it's useless to report the issue to Apple.

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