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reconnect midi controller...

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i have a cme xkey37 (usb) which is always on, and usually is always 'connected'. but sometimes, lately, when i open logic... it's not being seen. 

it's greyed out in the midi window of the audio midi setup app. anyone have any idea how i can reconnect it (or get it recognized) on my mac without a reboot? not a problem i've encountered before, so not sure what the 'fix' is....

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5 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

Trivial but did you try resetting your Xkey to its factory settings or did you update to the latest firmware?

thanks; not trivial at all. the firmware is up-to-date. just wondering if there's a way to establish a connection, perhaps thru the audio midi app (as i can do that with a bluetooth keyboard)...

i will try resetting it to factory settings, see what happens...

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