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Amplitude 5 Issue


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I'm using a Mac Mini on Ventura 13.1, running LP 10.7.7, and trying to use AmpliTube 5.  It's been downloaded and validated, but I'm getting the error message below when attempting to run.  I've quit LP and re-booted several times, still getting the issue.  I'm a newbie, so it's possible I'm missing something simple.  Any ideas?

Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 11.34.35 AM.png

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Some baseline stuff:

- Probably doesn't matter, but you might restart your computer if you haven't already, just to be thorough.

- What kind of Mac mini? Intel or Silicon?

- With any plugin you may need to check both processor (not relevant if you're on Intel) and macOS version compatibility. I looked around on IK Multimedia's site a bit, but you may have to dig in there a bit to find the information you need (or maybe you have it as part of the documentation for the plugin itself).

- Presumably the problem appeared when the plugin was added, but you might remove it temporarily, just to confirm that that's what's causing the issue.

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