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Is Logic Pro VR coming ?


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Having played with an Oculus Quest 2 and Virtual Windows, i'm excited to see what Apple will come up with. Imagine a VR version for Logic, with a virtual trackpad, a virtual keyboard, virtual piano, virtual drums / mpc, plugins with knobs you can touch, modular synths... etc

If Apple nails it, that could be a major evolution for Logic. Thoughts ?

I was wondering why Apple released Logic and FCP for ipad, it just doesn't make much sense to me... But i'm now wondering if they were in fact preparing ground for the VR version...

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Speculation discussions can be useful to help shape the future by bouncing ideas back and forth - of just for plain good old fun. 

Personally I think that VR controllers as you describe are inevitably coming. Whether we'll find them useful or just a toy is another story. I saw someone demoing a virtual drum controller a few years back at NAMM. I thought that was unbelievable: you could just mimic the arm gestures of a drummer, sticks in hand, but no drums at all in front of you, nothing to hit, and you'd hear the drums as if you'd hit them. 

But once the novelty wears off, what is it good for, really? It's just fun to watch and a story to tell your friends. I suppose it could be part of a show to entertain a crowd, and even that has limited appeal. 

And if VR becomes better and allows us to have tactile feedback as if we had a real control surface under our hands... then we'll have come full circle, because we may as well have a real control surface then! Well except obviously with VR we could have an endlessly customizable control surface in front of us. 

I'm personally not too excited about the prospect, but I can understand if some users may be. 

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I think right now a good monitor, a mouse and a keyboard is hard to beat. But if Apple manages to fix all the problems with VR right now, we could find the VR environnement more attractive, maybe even more inspiring. 

Compared to a Meta Quest, some people describe the current high end VR headsets "as watching the world through a glass instead of watching a monitor". I think it could be very impressive and exciting. 

Everyone seems to be downplaying this VR / AR move but we have yet to see its potential, the current hardware / software isn't just there yet. 

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*If* indeed WWDC this year is very focused around VR, then that would be a theme and messaging for a lot of the announcements - the Logic & FCP promos would show VR, and those presentations wouldn't be removed from the Keynote and pre-announced to make space for other things.

There was no VR content in either of those videos, so at least for now, they don't factor into any VR messaging that Apple's doing this year.

If Apple introduce a VR thing that can run any iPad app (seems a stretch for a first generation device, as the experience is going to be really variable across the app ecosystem, and Apple like to be in control of the user experience), then that's different of course.

I'm certainly interested in their WWDC content and exactly what their VR messaging will be this year, if anything.

I can't help thinking that VR will always be limited to particular experiences (eg, streaming concerts) and gaming that it's best suited to, and won't be a more general integrate-into-my-life thing like phones, AR, and car tech are/could be... I can't imagine people will be working 8 hours a day with VR goggles on, at least for quite some time.

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Maybe the VR headset will be more compact than we think and apple will pull a "macbook air" on us. Something that fits in a big glasses protection case. Who knows.

Of course they'll have to refine it with a few years / versions.

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