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Plugin parameter appears to be automatable but not learnable by MIDI Modulator. Can I target its fader # directly?


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I'm using a 3rd party plugin ("Euclidean", a sequencer from 4pockets) that appears to have a parameter which is automatable, but not modulatable. By this I mean: it has parameters ("Events A," "Events B", and so on) I want to modulate randomly with the MIDI Modulator. I can see the parameters I want to modulate when I open the automation view, I can write automation data manually and I can see the value of the parameters do change when I play the track with automation data on it. When I do so, I can even watch the fader data go by in the Environment (it's plugin 4, fader 13; see screenshot). But when I choose "Learn Plugin Parameter" in the MIDI Modulator, then touch the corresponding knob in the plugin, nothing happens and the Modulator keeps showing "Learn Plugin Parameter." Is there any way for me to just explicitly tell the Modulator to use the fader number I see in the Environment? Or use Modwheel in the Modulator, then insert a Modifier in between and map Modwheel data to Fader 4 13 somehow?

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 1.57.14 PM.png

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MIDI data flow speaking, I think that since the MIDI Fx (Modulator) is before the Euclidean plugin, the former couldn’t "hear" the latter’s parameter sent signal.

Additionally, I’m not sure about same but, I think that the Modulator MIDI Fx doesn’t support automation (fader) events.

As you mentioned it, I’d try using a different routing (via the environment with a transform) and/or (possibly requiring) an IAC loop.

Please apologize for the lack of precisions in my suggestions, I am not at the studio to verify same…

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