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Logic Pro Licences

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In the school I work at one of the music teachers wishes to use logic pro for some of the students however my only concern is that it seems like its all user-based and not device-based and from what I've read they are no ways to transfer Logic from one user to another does anyone know of any way we can use this as a school realistically keeping in kind that students will leave and we don't want to constantly pay for licenses  

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3 minutes ago, David Nahmani said:

It can be either user or device based. For example if your school has a classroom with 3 student stations, then you need 3 Logic Pro licenses, and whoever is seating at one of the stations can use Logic Pro. 

Ahh when you purchase Logic Pro is it a key you download onto a computer rather than assigning it to an email adress?

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1 hour ago, Curtis_Clarke said:

Ahh when you purchase Logic Pro is it a key you download onto a computer rather than assigning it to an email adress?

If you purchase a single license via the App Store then the purchase is associated with an Apple ID (so a unique email address). If you purchase a volume license then it's a bit different, the organization that purchase the volume license provides the managed Apple IDs to the employees:



Whether your business or school is large or small, the Apple Volume License Agreement (VLA) provides an easy and cost-effective way to purchase Apple’s Logic Pro software for multiple systems.

With a VLA, you license the right to use Apple software on a specified number of computers at your business or school — you determine how many. Volume Licenses start at 20 seats.

Customers receive a certificate that authorizes their use of the software for the number of licenses purchased. On completion of your Logic Pro Volume License order, you will receive one content code per license purchased through your VLA. To redeem the software, your employees or authorized users will need to sign in to the Mac App Store with an Apple ID and password provided by your organization, company, or institution. The use of the content codes and the redeemed software is subject to the terms and conditions of the Mac App Store (http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/ww/) and the applicable license agreement(s).

Source: https://www.apple.com/uk-business/shop/product/D6622ZM/A/logic-pro-volume-licenses-20-seats-price-is-per-seat



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