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Isolating vocal to pitch correct

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I recorded a song on protools years ago. I have all the stems but the main vocal . It had a vibe that would be hard to duplicate . I don’t have an j instrumental version. There’s some pitch problems with the vocal that are just a little too off to keep. 

is there a way to remove/isolate the vocal ? Or is it wishful thinking ? 

id pitch correct it and remix with the instrumental stems. 

i have the old protools session data on a cd disc but the format is protools and I don’t know anyone with protools. I didn’t record in .wav format back then because I just didn’t know . Otherwise I could try to put a composite track together .this was protools 5.1 so it’s very old 

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3 hours ago, NoPro said:

I didn’t record in .wav format back then because I just didn’t know .

What's the format of the audio file? Or do you have only the Pro Tools session but not the audio files? 

To separate vocals there are some pretty good (but not perfect) tools out there nowadays, for example you could try https://www.lalal.ai/ or the free https://vocalremover.org/

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12 minutes ago, David Nahmani said:

Yes you may want to try a few others, different tools yield different levels of quality. Just google "voice removal" or "vocal separation" or "stem separation" and see what's out there. 

For sure ….it’s of course the only stem that didnt show up …lol.  Amazing tools these days . This is the first Ai music tool that just may work. I’ll check out a few others . 
turns out I do have the entire protools session  (with audio ) but I don’t remember the format of the files and not sure I can open them ….

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