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Sustain chord indefinitely without MIDI controller

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Often while practicing bass guitar, I like to play over a drone chord. One great trick for this is to hold down the sustain pedal while turning on the MIDI keyboard, thus reversing the on/off command allowing you to play a chord and have it sustain indefinitely (using an appropriate instrument like Alchemy) without having to hold down the pedal. (You then tap the pedal to stop it). Does anyone know if this is possible to do without a MIDI controller? I'd love to be able to do this on my laptop when that's all I have. Alternatively, might there be a specific instrument that can do this natively? 

Looping a region isn't a great option because I don't want to hear the pulse of the loop - I just want a constant drone. 

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Thanks, JakobP. I saw that thread but I didn't see the script, but I see it now. I'll give it a try. 

Edit: this works beautifully. I'm sorry I missed your post in that thread! All I saw was the link from ValliSoftware and then saw that he disappeared from the forums. Thank you again - this is exactly what I was looking for. And this Scripter thing is making me wonder what other cool stuff I can do with it - I had no idea this existed! 🙃 Very cool. 

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am sure the suggestions above make more sense, but we did a drone project several years ago for a live performance.

i played a chord, then stretched the region to 100 measures, set the tempo to 5bpm, and had a 2hour drone.... (for the performance, i bounced in place, which took a while ☺️). & easy to make that longer (or shorter) of course

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