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Please Help, Logic Pro 7 + M-Audio Firewire 410


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I have


Mac G5

Logic Pro 7

M-Audio Firewire 410



I want to hook up the guitar to the m-audio box so that I can record to logic, I need the sound to come out from the builtin Mac Speaker (I am just starting out, dont have a real setup)


I know it can be done, I can see the maudio software recieving a signal from the guitar but i dont know how to get it to play in logic or come out the speakers.. does anyone know if there is a step by step tutorial on how to accomplish this? thanks

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He has a different input source than an output source. Aggregate devices allows you to use two separate devices as one, without it he has to choose between either his FW410 or his internal audio card. Basically if he chooses his internal audio card as his driver then he can't input through the audio ports of FW410 and vise versa.


Unless I'm missing something, aggregate devices will be the answer. You could also just keep switching drivers from FW410 to Internal Audio but that means you can't use both at the same time, which is what I described above.

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OK so here is something you can do. Make sure your FW410 is already plugged in.


1. Go to Applications/Utilities and open up Audio MIDI Setup

2. When that opens, in the menu click on Open Aggregate Device Editor

3. Click on the "+" sign and name the aggregate device whatever you want. Mine is called Logic, since I use it in Logic

4. On the bottom half, there should be a list with all your audio interfaces, I have the same setup as you so mine has Built-In Audio and FW410. Click the check boxes next to them, now they are both under one aggregate device and Logic can recognize both of them as one audio card.

5. Startup Logic and under the Audio menu there is "Audio Hardware & Drivers"

6. Go to that and under Driver choose your aggregate device, whatever you decided to call it.

7. Now here you will have to see how the aggregate device setup your inputs and outputs. But if you notice, you should now have 2 more outputs channels available to you, those two extra ones are your built-in audio channels, left and right.


Hope this helps, if you have any more questions let me know.

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