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Should I load Logic projects from an external SSD if I have a '21 M1 Pro?


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Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of organizing all my files. I'm trying to decide on the best solution for Logic. I have a 2021 Macbook Pro with the M1 Pro chip.

I have a 4TB Samsung T7 Shield external SDD. It has a read/write speed of 1000mb/s, which I believe is pretty respectable but not as fast as the internal SSD. I'm using a USB-C cable for maximum speed. Right now I'm just using the external drive for my 3rd party sound libraries and general file storage. There's plenty of free space.

My question is, would it make more sense to keep my project files on my Macbook's internal SSD, or would it be better to keep projects on the external SSD? I know that the read/write on the internal drive is quite a bit faster, but I don't know if that speed would be offset by the extra workload the internal drive has to do.

One thing unrelated to speed that could be a pro for an external drive: less reading/writing to the internal SSD, which theoretically might extend its lifespan. Don't know if I should actually give any weight to this, though...

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Since you already have it I would say use the external to keep the read/write cycles in the internal drive saved for the computer. That being said, if you don't have a regular backup drive then use the internal and use the external as the back up. Seriously, have a running backup. There is no excuse not to and basically no way to get data off of the internal should the computer fail. 

Recording to an external used to be more important, now with the partition system the OS is on it's own section of the SSD and there is a lot less risk of damaging the OS with heavy disk use but I feel better recording to an external, plus my SSD computers only have 512 drives and lack of extra free space has a *significant* effect on performance, especially with RAM heavy applications. 

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Thanks for the thoughts. My backup plan is to use Carbon Copy Cloner to regularly backup my projects to another 1TB SSD, which will in turn sync with Google Drive.

Making regular backups is another reason why I thought it might be good to keep projects on the external drive. That way there's less reading/writing to the internal drive. The burden of regular backups would be on the external drive. Although either way I was also going to regularly backup the entirety of Macintosh HD to the 1TB drive, along with the project files.

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