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Problem renaming instrument in tracks (main) window

David Pickell

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Hi - I have to ship out a track for mixing and my mixer (not having that plugin) needs all the NI Kontakt instruments bounced as audio.

I decided to name all the those instruments "KON" plus the instrument, to sort them under 'tracks/sort by instrument name'. Most accepted the rename - BUT...

One track WILL NOT - for love or money - allow itself to be renamed. Does anyone know a fix for this annoying (but minor) issue?

All the best,





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There are a bunch of places you can change track and channel names, e.g. the track inspector, the inspector channel strips, the mixer channel strips, and the track headers. Where are you trying to change the name? And what happens when you do? Does it just reject the name and revert to the previous name?

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Track names are a mess in Logic Pro unfortunately. I would press Option-T and select the additional name column checkbox to see what's going on. Chances are you have multiple names for the same track and you're not editing the one that's displayed. 

Feel free to post a screenshot or even the Logic project file if you'd like one of us to have a closer look. 

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