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Beginner/n00b question about key controls + Arturia


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Hey everyone,

I have an Arturia Keylab 49 keyboad that I use with Logic. I am not technical at all and am completely oblivious on how to use the buttons and slides and what not on it, since I always used the most basic midi keyboard.

I would like to use the joggle wheel to flip through the sounds in the library (so the same way you would use your mousepad or the left/right/up/down keys) so I don't have to move back to my laptop when I am choosing a patch. I know how to get to the controller assignments, but I have no idea how to create this assigment. I've been looking for something like "select next patch" or something similar for 45 minutes with no success and as you understand I am starting to lose it. If anyone could help me out here I would be forever grateful!

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I have exactly the same keyboard and I also wanted to do something very similar with the central controller.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be configurable via the Midi Control Center that it comes with.  Further investigation reveals that it doesn't send out any information externally while in the DAW or User modes.  However, it does in the Analog Lab mode, CC 112.  Though it's only the values 63, 64, 65.  I'm guessing that represents -1, 0, +1.

While its possible you could use Logic's Controller Assignments to maybe rig up something custom, it will have to be in the Analog Lab mode and it may not be assignable to Logic's Browser.  Though there is the Next/Previous Patch, Plug-In Setting or Sampler Instrument key command you could always try.

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