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Need Help with Logic as midi hardware controller - Infinite Eb drone


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Using Logic for live performance as a hardware synth controller. My hardware routing is:

Logic X on 2022ish MacBook Pro (last batch of intel, not M) sends MIDI to Presonus 68c over USB-C; Presonus then sends MIDI to hardware synths via MIDI DIN (to Poly D; Mutant Brain; Erica Synths MIDI to CV). No MIDI input to 68c.

Controller track is external instrument plugin; midi clock sync to 68c.

No matter what project I open, the hardware synths all receive a continuous open-gated Eb drone; UNLESS I have a software drum track selected. If I select any other instrument track (software, audio, master) I get the infinite drone. If I play a track, I get the Eb combined with the mapped MIDI info.

My work-around has been to always keep the drum track selected, and to mute the input at my interface if I need to edit other things.

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