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Help. I'm an audiobook voice actor. One of the things I NEED to be able to do is to Punch in to the audio when I've made a mistake

Otis Jiry

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I need help with a specific way of doing punch ins in Logic Pro 10.7.7 .  I'm an audiobook narrator which mean I'm recording up to 2 hours of content at a time.  When I make a mistake or want to redo something, I need to be able to do a punch in at the specific point, with being able to hear the previous few seconds so I can continue with the narration.  I DON'T need a punch out point.  I need to be able to continue recording until I make a new mistake a minute or two later.  Then be able to do the same procedure, punching in at the mistake and continuing my narration.  However I haven't been able to do this in Logic Pro 10.7.7. .  I'm a long time Adobe Audition user, and there you right click the record button and choose punch and roll, and set a pre roll playback time (5 seconds for me) and then it kicks back into recording and you continue until your next required punch in.  There's no required punch out function.  Is there a way you can do this in Logic?  I've seen a hack where Logic is 'tricked' by extending the punch out time to infinity, but I haven't been able to get it to work.  I bought Logic Pro 10.7.7 for music production primarily, where I understand the process of Punching in and Punching out, however doing audiobook narration is a different animal and needs the Punch in function to work differently.  Is there a way to do this either with a built in function or a hack?  Can you set it to not have a punch out requirement, and just do the punch in when you need it while you record?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've purchased your latest book on Logic Pro but haven't found an answer there yet.

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While Logic is not specifically made for this, you can make it adapt to this workflow.

- customize the Control Bar and Display with the aptly named command to show AutoPunch (AP)-In/Out Points, as well as buttons for Replace, AP and Set AP In/Out By Playhead
- activate Replace and AP
- put the Playhead where you want to punch in
- click Set AP In
- set the punch out manually to something very far, like 2hrs if you're at 1hr, like this:


Now you're set up for the session.

- Locate to where you want to hear preroll (this will vary since you will likely want to hear a complete sentence)
- Hit Record
- Hit Stop
- Locate to where you want to punch in and click Set AP In, like this:


- Repeat these four steps and move your AP Out point after every hour of program

Find the Key Commands for all I did with the mouse, and you'll be *very* fast in no time.

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I understand what you're doing here, and that would be fine, however I have a problem in that, where you get the option to change the punch out time to two hours, I don't have that showing up.  I only have the input time showing. How do you get that punch out to show up?

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11 hours ago, Otis Jiry said:

I've seen a hack where Logic is 'tricked' by extending the punch out time to infinity, but I haven't been able to get it to work.

No this trick no longer works in Logic Pro 10.7.7. You can still punch in without a punch out point using the Marquee tool (just Command-click the punch-in position and press Record) however you won't hear the previously recorded audio on the track so that does not work for your workflow. 

Fuzzfilth's solution is a good workflow for you. 

To see your punch in and out points in hour/minute/second time values, if you haven't already done so, choose File > Project Settings > General and deselect "Use musical grid". 

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I don't know how to do what you're asking BUT how about instead of stopping the recording with each mistake, you drop in a marker where you made the mistake but keep going? Do a straight recording until you want to stop, then use the marquee tool to delete the mistake and any unwanted silence. THEN, use the Shuffle Left tool to send all your selected regions to the left to close up any gaps. DON'T move any regions until you make all your edits or the mistake markers won't line up anymore (unless you work backwards through the timeline). I think when you get that system down it'll be a lot faster. Good luck!

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