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latency with compressor on channel strip

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4 minutes ago, ojan327 said:

I'm getting latency when I throw compressor on the channel strip while recording.. what audio recording settings should i adjust to fix this?

Thank you!

Which compressor are you using? Some compressors have a Lookahead parameter which you can turn down to zero to avoid latency. Otherwise, you should activate Low Latency Mode image.png.942a8cd4ad80b26340ca7b5ed0d29211.png during recording, which will deactivate all latency inducing plug-ins. 

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Which model/type, and knee setting?
VCA is slightly slower than the other types (by design).
Use hard knee/zero Attack for faster transient response - as long as it achieves the sound you're after, of course.

Away from the plug-in itself, in your app (and project) Audio prefs, reduce the buffer size and number of samples. You can also try a higher sample rate which will reduce latency, but may cause artifacts.
With any of these, there'll be a limit to your computer's ability....so you may need to back off a little on one or two of these values if you get clicks and pops or crackling in your audio - with/without an overload dialogue.
It'll be a balancing act....and you may need to change settings at different points in the recording, arranging, or mixing process.

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