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Issue - Audio within Logic will cut out randomly, audio isn't exporting properly, and also distorting external computer audio (Please Help!)


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This is the second project I've had this issue in now. The audio in Logic will randomly pop and go silent. If you skip around in the attached mp3 file you can hear that it makes a click and a pop noise, my friend said this might be something called DC Offset but I have idea how it would be occurring, the project file only has a synth and a kick sample in it. Also you can hear in the attached video that when I play the file, the music being played from Spotify gets distorted too. Would appreciate any help and will answer any questions needed 🙂

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A good start at trouble shooting would be if you let us know what your Mac is, what OS, what version of Logic, if you have anything else connected to the Mac (and how).

Also see the sticky at 


 for attaching screenshots.

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