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I/O plug-in stopped working


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Hello all,

The I/O plug-in seems to have stopped working for me.


OS 12.6.6

Logic 10.7.7

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

Saffire Mix Control

I had previously had it working. All of my ins and outs are through a patchbay. I had been using outs 5-6 and back into 5-6. My notes show that I had to use the “mixing” preset in Saffire mix control.
Just for sanity, my inputs on the Saffire are indeed set to line input. I have routed synths directly into all the outboard gear through the patch bay to be sure that the bay is patched properly.  I have low latency turned off. No tracks are soloed. This may well be obsolescence of the Saffire mix software but it was working fine recently. 
When I instantiate the I/O plug-in either on a track or an aux, the sound goes away. Hitting ping no longer produces the normal click sound. Any ideas?

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