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Gotta love it....(Logic, that is)


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I'm 'come back to Logic' very recently after 10 years. (Just bought a new MacMini M2Pro and Logic as well)

I used Logic from 2002-2005, and then again from 2010-12. (kept going back to MOTU DP, which I'd been using since 1995. I thought it best to go with the 'devil I know'.)

Having just finished a project within a week of getting my system up and running how I want it to, I used Logic for everything and am incredibly impressed with how it's evolved over the years.

It literally does, and can handle, everything. VST's load practically instantly, editing both MIDI and Audio is easy, and it's really easy to customize and get around in. (I utilize a StreamDeck as well with my other music software work and now for Logic as as well)

(note: I'm doing professional 'for-hire' work.  Every project is different. I'm not interested in having an entire orchestral template set up and ready to go because my 'real-world' projects don't call for that. I have to mix and match a hybrid of synths, audio, orchestral/pop libraries, etc. etc.  Every project is different. On my recent project I used some Spitfire BBCSO Pro, Spitfire Colossus, Chris Hein Horns Compact, Session Horns Pro, Session Guitar, Cinesample Brass, Cinesample Drums of War, EZ Drummer, Kontakt Factory sounds, and a bass that worked from the Kontakt Factory Library. I play every part and line in from my Roland Juno-DS 76, which makes for a great DAW controller as well.)

I'm kicking myself....if I'd bought Logic several years ago I could have saved thousands of dollars on other 3rd party synths and effects. The included instruments, loops, effects, etc. are all excellent. In fact, more than just excellent. Like, Alchemy and Sculpture are crazy good. Those two instruments alone should cost twice the price of Logic! 

So, as of now, I have absolutely zero complaints about Logic. I find it to be 'musical', adaptable, quick, customizable, and with the MacMini it can handle anything I throw at it.

And, it's nice to find great Logic forums like this one that offer solutions to problems as they come up.

I'm staying put.


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