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Region Based Automation Lanes disappear when I choose a different Electronic Drum Kit


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I have Region Based Automation Lanes, setup for Drums, e.g.: Electronic Drum Kits / Alphabet City. Within these Region Based Automation Lanes, I have Eight CC messages that I have selected from: Midi Control 0-63 and Midi Control 64-127.


I have already chose them from the menu and eight of the CC’s are visible within Logics, Region Based Automation Lanes.


For example I have:


Ch.1: Data MSB

Ch.1: Expression

Ch.1: Timbre

Ch.1: Brightness

Ch.1: Reg.Par. LSB

Ch.1: Reg.Par. MSB

Ch.1: Note Velocity

Ch.1: Pitchblend


They are visible - and It’s all good - and I have written Automation within the various Lanes!


However, when I change to another Electronic Drum Kit - the Region Based Automation Lanes disappear!


They are still within Logic… However, the blue Automation button (switch between track automation and region automation), reverts to Track automation - and even if I choose Region Based Automation again (after choosing another electronic drum kit), I have to click the disclosure triangle within the Track Header - and choose THEM all again! Meaning: I have to click the + sign, Eight times and i/p the Eight CC messages again!


It’s a pain - I just want the Region Based Automation Lanes to stay where they are - instead of CONTINUALLY, calling them back up every time I choose another Electronic Drum Kit.


Is there a way, which I can implement this process (i.e.: instantiating different Electronic Drum Kits), without having to repeat the process I have explained?


I want the Region Based Automation Lanes to stay as they are! :)




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Tried it here in 10.5.1 and got same behavior, however toggling the automation view and the track/region button and then option+clicking the disclosure triangle got the automation lanes back here. Hth...

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