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Does LPX have something like "Explode Pitches to Tracks"?


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Aloha from Honolulu,

Studio One seems to have a nifty "Explode Pitches to Tracks."

Correctly set all the outputs from, say, a Native Instruments Play series instrument, and you can select your "all in one midi" and "explode" each pitch to its own track.



Ivan Calderon explains how to do this at 4'56" in:



I'm curious if Logic Pro has anything as nifty.

This would be super useful!



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Aloha Oscwilde,

Egg on face here, I guess.


In all my trying to figure out how to get NI Play type midi data onto to separate tracks in LPX, no one's mentioned this! Not, like, ever!

Fingers crossed it'll work just as it does in the Studio One example I found.



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