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Hey everyone, I have a question for the Logic Experts 😉

I want to to Build a Template hosting my VST´s on Kontakt Multis within VE7 Pro (so far so easy) I would then like to be able to use UACC KS for Articulation switching via Touch OSC or Similar Preferrably using Art Conductor. 

Is it possible to set this up in a Way where Each Articulation gets its own Track? 

And is it Possible to host more than 1 Instrument in a Kontakt Multi and still control them via this Method or would i need to have a Seperate Instance for each Instrument. (E.g. Violins 1 Core Patch, Additional Articulations, Legato; Violins 2 Core, Additional, Legato...... filling up the Multi to make efficient use of it)
Or would i have to do 1 Instance Violins 1; 1 Instance Violins 2 etc.

I hope i managed to pose my question in an understandable way... 

Kind Regards 

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Hi Tobias, Art Conductor articulation sets are designed to work with a single instance of an instrument on a track (lets say Violins 1). If you wont to use multi's, you would have to create your own articulation sets where you send out the different articulations to different MIDI channels, but this will clutter your menu with a lot of articulations.

I'm wondering why you would like to use multi's, I use single instances of Kontakt. If I want to route a certain group of instruments that belong to the same library, I use busses. The extra CPU overhead is negligible. 

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Hi, my Idea was to get the best of both worlds, the Ability to control the Instrument through Art Conductor via Metagrid and then still beeing able to split yout Long, Short, Pizz/Col Legno, Tremolo/FX, in order to be able to treat the STEMS Separately. I want to do this in as efficient a manner as possible and have since making the Post just bought Art Conductor and started Experimenting. For now i have found, that it works with SF Kontakt Instruments and the Art Conductor CB Patches. You just have to Insert several of their Multi-Patches into 1 Contakt Instance and Route the input on the Same Midi Port. then you turn off the shorts on the Long multipatch and the Longs on the Short etc... and just route to 4 different Stereo Outs, which then feed back into Logic where i can do my Processing Seperately as intended. So Far ive gone from 80+ Instances for every Articulation on the SSO down to 8. and it runs a lot smoother now. So i dont know about the Instruments of other manufactuerers yet.... I guess i will find out shortly, as i intend to get back to the rest this weekend... but at least for the SSO i managed to get it to work. Im sure there is a more elegant and less involved way of doing this, but im still very much learning 😉 mostly by trial and error 😜 (i scrapped my first 2 Templates already, but learned a lot in the process) 

Best, Tobias 

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