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Sylenth Users {problems with Filter Ctrl Cutoff


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For some reason when I use Sylenth here and there all sylenth channels "filter control cuttoff" resets to zero, the onyl way I can counter act this is to set the

Flt Ctrl C.O at my desired setting via automation, is there a way around this, a way to stop this annoying issue and save my workflow struggles with sylenth?
the reason i ask here is maybe its a logic issue running sylenth.

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does it happen if your controller is not connected? seems like something is changing that setting.

need more info:

did this just start? (if so, what changed?). what OS are you running, what version logic? and what controller?

you might want to add these things to a signature; this way the info is available to everyone anytime you post (click your screen name upper right of the page, go to account settings>signature)...

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