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Software Instruments Disappear


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Hi, wondering if anyone can help...

Ive been working on a project for a month now and I went back to it yesterday and i noticed 2 of my software instruments weren't playing. (for reference one was Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments, hosted by Kontakt 7, the other was Spectrasonics Keyscape). In both the chanel strip looked fine but upon clicking into the instrument, Alt Piano had disappeared within Kontakt and Spectrasonics had reverted back to the sine wave you hear upon loading the instrument for the first time. As a result I'd lost my preferences that I'd made within each instrument.

Its as if Logic had lost the link to both instruments. I have a feeling it might be something to do with freezing the tracks, as both seem to have been corrupted since freezing, even tho other instruments ive frozen had remained unaffected. All a bit baffling! Ive retreieved the audio from my frozen files folder, so all is not lost, but just wondering if anyone has come across anything similar so hopefully it doesnt happen again!


Both Spectrasonics and Westwood instruments who make Alt Piano had not heard of anything similar.


All help much appreciated.


Im running Logic X 10.7.6 on an iMac OS Monterey 12.3.1

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Unfortunately, Logic has known issues with having multiple projects open at once. Although I can't say for sure that's what's causing the issues you're seeing, the behavior you describe sounds similar to the kind of thing that can happen when multiple projects are open simultaneously.

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1 hour ago, DJHAMILTON said:

Ok, thankyou, will avoid in future.

is there any folder containing my settings for my software instruments as the were before they disappeared? All my previous 'revert to' versions are also corrupted?

Many thanks!

do you have a time machine (or other) backup? 

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