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Once Again, Digidesign Have Out-Smarted Logic


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The gap between Logic and Pro Tools just seems to get bigger every year.


I have to admit I was excited about Logic 8, but after using it for 1 month, I have come to the realization that Pro Tools is a superior product in many ways.


Heres why Pro Tools is ahead in 2007:


1. Beat Detection/Elastic Audio (these two features alone seal the deal for most people).

2. Structure (much more powerful than the ancient EXS sampler and the 40 GB sample library that comes with it blows Logic 8s' Jam Packs away).

3. Reel Tape Suite (Logic doesn't have an answer to this, unless you buy the Waves equivalent, which isn't even out yet).


Pro Tools is still behind in midi, but with PT 8 on the horizon, things don't look good for Logic.

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Pro Tools is a superior product in many ways.

You are right. And on the other hand, Logic is a superior product in many ways!


You know why that kind of discussion is doomed from the start? Because none is "THE" superior product. They're just different, and each has its strengths and its weaknesses.


If you like PT better then by all means use PT. It's probably better adapted to your needs and workflow. GREAT! You've found your tool of choice. :wink:



So what else should we discuss? Fender or Gibson? Pearl or Yamaha? Mercedes or BMW? Toyota or Honda?


BTW there's already another thread on that topic, please add your comments to it:



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