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Question about Set up Automation Quick Access

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Set the selected track to automation mode "Latch" or "Touch" and wiggle the plugin knob you want to automate, you'll see "Volume" get replaced with the parameter you wish to control. Quote from the manual: "You can use this single hardware controller to automate the currently active automation parameter of the selected track in the main window."

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3 hours ago, enossified said:

I'm using Logic 10.7.8 and I get the same incorrect behavior. I

I can't reproduce this here. I learnt my mod wheel to AQA, then selected a few parameters in automation view (I did volume, pan, and an ES2 filter cutoff automation via Latch mode) and it worked as expected, both in 10.7.7, and 10.7.8. My mod wheel controlled and automated whatever automation parameter lane was selected.

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Might be my controller (Nektar P6) is why AQA doesn't work right for me. 

Bcraig_music69, what is your controller?

EDIT: It is definitely my controller that is making the AQA assignment work incorrectly. I'll skip the hairy details. So please ignore what I wrote above.

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