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Reaktor 6 MIDI FX, no sound?

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I have Reaktor 6 with the Rounds ensemble (one of the arp presets) in the MIDI FX slot and ES2 loaded onto a track. I have a MIDI region with a simple chord progression on the track. When I press Play, no sound is coming out from the ES2. Is there something additional I have to do to make this work? I was under the impression that since Reaktor 6 is a MIDI FX plugin everything should be good to go?

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9 hours ago, enossified said:

This video might be of some assistance.

Thanks for the video, I was able to follow along and at least get some sound out of it (using the Sequencer like in the video). However, I'd like to be able to use the Rounds ensemble for this, I tried adding MIDI In and Out but to no avail... I must be missing something...

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1 hour ago, enossified said:

Is the Rounds ensemble even usable as a MIDI effect? What does the documentation say?

So I've looked into this a bit more. The Rounds ensemble I've been referring to doesn't work for this purpose, it's meant to be played like a synthesizer. There were smaller ensembles within Rounds called Rounds Delay, Rounds Reverb and Rounds LFO that do work as MIDI FX though, and a slew of others included in the Reaktor library. So much to explore!

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