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Is it possible to Copy/Paste within the "Quick Swipe Lane"?


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Hey everyone. 


Desired outcome:

  • To use the "quick swipe lane" to "audition" drum fills to "different sections of a song" than "the sections where the drum fills were originally performed".
  • An example would be "auditioning a list of chorus 2 drum fills" to hear what they sound like in "chorus 3".


Attempted process: (NOT WORKING)

  1. Open the "Quick Swipe Lane" edit.
  2. Use the scissors tool to cut a fill out of say "take 05 bar 50".
  3. Copy the fill.
  4. Cut a "hole" in say "Take 05 bar 10"
  5. Paste the fill into that "hole".
  6. Use the "updated" "Take 05" as part of the final comp.
  7. As stated this doesn't seem to work but it seems fairly logical so I'd be surprised if it wasn't possible to do this in logic. 


Alternate process: (WORKS BUT TIME CONSUMING)

  1. Use "quick swipe lane" to construct comp.
  2. "Pack down" quick swipe lane with "drum fills in wrong places".
  3. Cut, copy and paste drum fills to correct places leaving "holes" in the track.
  4. Re-open "quick swipe lane" to fill in the holes using other takes.
  5. This works but it's definitely a pain and I'm sure there is a better way of doing this process.


Any help/advice would be really appreciated

Thanks a lot

Kind regards



drum editing upload.png

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Hey David, thank you for the response...I really appreciate it. 

I contacted someone on fiverr to get a "Logic Lesson". Turns out I was trying to do something that can't be done in the program. We figured out an alternative solution.

As you can see in the attached image there is no option for "copying/pasting" within the quick swipe lane. 

What we figured is that I can copy the bars containing the various drum fills to the end of the song and create a "drum fill library" at the end of the song which I can then use to copy and paste to the main song as needs be.

If it turns out that what I was looking for can be done in a simpler way please let me know!

Thanks so much for your help!

example of problem.png

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21 hours ago, maxmatthewmusic said:

Just re-reading your comment, for certain sections I actually might try to do it the way you are suggesting as well.

Thanks again David,


When you use David's approach, you only need to add one single step to your "Attempted Process" from the original post: Move the pasted take region from the newly created take lane down to the take lane you want it to be in ("Take 05" in your example).

Not bad, given you can save two steps from those you described anyway (you don't need to "cut a hole" because the pasted & moved region will overwrite the previous material - there are no overlaps in Tale Folders. And you can use the Marquee Tool instead of the Scissors in Step2 - one click less 😉 )

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