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Is there any (new) way to share processing power across macs?


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The only way to do this I've come across that people recommend is using Vienna Ensemble Pro. That's been the go-to for quite a while now, so I just wanted to check and see if there's any other way to share processing power across computers (ideally within the Apple ecosystem)?

I have a maxed-out 2015 iMac and a maxed-out 2019 16" MacBook Pro and kind of feel like this should be enough power for audio processing but I am still running into issues on my iMac alone.

Plan b is to run the laptop in clamshell mode and use the iMac as a display only, but it would be a little annoying having to install and license transfer so many new plugins.

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As you mention VEP Pro is probably best. It. works very well as long as you can connect the two Macs with a network cable. Your 2015 does to have the instrument libraries on an SSDs for most instruments. I replaced my HHD with a SSD on my old iMac. A bit of an adventure but all tools and good videos are provided with the new SSD which was from  OWC.

With VEP Pro you can have tracks using you local Mac where Logic is running, I assume your MBP 2019, and tracks using the instruments on your 2015 machine using VEP Pro. You need only one license for two machines. 

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