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How to record MIDI output of a third-party plugin to another MIDI track.

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This is something that is pretty simple to do in something like Ableton, but i can't figure it out in Logic.  I have a third-party VST in a software instrument track which has an arpeggiator on it - an arpeggiator that is part of the instrument itself and NOT Logic's arpeggiator.  I simply want to capture the MIDI notes generated by that track in another MIDI track.

I am aware of the new ability to record MIDI FX ability to "Record MIDI to Track Here" that came thru in 10.7.5, and that's not what i'm after.  I'm also aware of the (perhaps out-moded?) method of (1) recording your original MIDI track, (2) setting up a second MIDI track as an 'External Instrument' and using "IAC Driver Bus 1" as the MIDI destination for the track, (3) dragging your MIDI from the original into the second track and recording.  (which did not seem to work at all).

I don't wish to use any MIDI FX, i simply want to record a 3rd-party VST output as MIDI.  What is the correct way to do this?

thank you!

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Logic doesn't support direct realtime MIDI output from plugins, unfortunately.

The other method you didn't list is that some plugins can output MIDI data directly to a MIDI port, and you can use the IAC Bus, or recent Logic's new virtual MIDI port, to bring MIDI from that back into Logic in realtime - but the plugin would have to support that feature.

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"Unfortunately" is a REALLY nice way of putting it.  I'm truly baffled by this, Logic keeps coming out with these new features, but this is a REALLY basic one.  It blows my mind that Logic can't do this very simple MIDI routing thing.

Thank you for your answer though, i'd been scouring YT videos looking for a solution.  Looks like i'll have to port my tracks over to Ableton....again.


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