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connection Logic Pro X - MIC - M AUDIO - Mixer


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I am having the problems with the connection between my Logic, "shure" Mic, M-AUDIO and mixer (Yamaha portal pa system model stagepas). 

Logic does not recognise the microphone, it seems that it still uses the built one in the computer.  I did put the M-AUDIO in my Audio Settings and I did put Input 1 for recording on this channel. But I am not sure if my connection with the mixer and all the cables in between is correct. 

Does someone know about easy tutorial that might take me step by step through this? Or you could help any other way?

I want to apply certain effects on Mic by using Buses in audio track (but first step is to try to make this work). 


Thank you in advance! 

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Does your Mic require phantom power and if so is it turned on? Does the M-Audio require a driver for use in a Mac? That’s a very old version of Logic that you are using is there a problem with updating it? What version of MacOS are you running? Does the M-Audio show up in the audio settings of the Mac?

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Hey, thanks.

I was turning on the phantom power (+48v) on M-Audio. M-Audio does not need driver in this Mac OS Mojave (10.14.6). M-Audio shows up in audio settings. I think the connection with the cables might be a problem?

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You test each component of your system separately.

I.e. Logic alone using your Mac computer’s integrated microphone and speaker to record and playback something. If everything goes well try testing the mic connected to the M-Audio alone. Can you read some audio signal on the M-Audio (meter, led blinking, connected earphones, etc…). And so on for every components.

At one point you will hit the non working part to concentrate your energy to solve your issue. Once solved that part you could try connecting again your system together to test if that was the only cause of your issue. Very often there is only one source of problem. Finding same is half of the solution most of the time.

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yes, I understand that. But do you see there is something wrong in this how I am connecting it at the moment? What might be the problem? There is no any blinking when the microphone is connected to Logic  through M-audio(even when I add input 1). But the fact that only audio played from the computer is not in a connection with the mixer explains it might be the problem in a connection. And there is no any tutorial which might be helpful on this issue. 😞

Thank you. 

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10 hours ago, lili85 said:

Thank you for your answer.  Here are more information:

M-Audio M-Track 2-Channel USB Audio Interface

mic is BETA® 87A Vocal Microphone

Logic pro X version: 10.0.7.


You connected the outputs of your interface to "Monitor Out L and R on mixer". That's where you connect your speakers, it's an output...

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