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Logic Pro - Piano Roll Quantize - not working correctly

James King
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Hi all, I've got a funny issue today!

My piano roll quantize function is quantizing 1/16 as 1/8, 1/8 as 1/4 notes, etc.

So if I want to quantize to 16ths, I actually have to select 1/32.

If I quantize from the region inspector, it functions normally. This problem occurs only if I do it from piano roll.

Any ideas why this could be? Cheers!

Video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pt6lbqrmifxqpnq/Screen Recording 2023-06-15 at 13.49.34.mov?dl=0

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What version of Logic are you on?

I ask because Logic 10.7.8 has changed the swing function in the Piano Roll editor. It is now a swing offset function and would need to be set to 50 to behave the same as 0 in previous versions. I see you have swing set to 0 which would cause some unexpected behaviour if you were unaware of the changes.

Of course if you are in an earlier version then 0 is essentially no swing.


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That's  great!

It seems that this is the new way now and it matches the way the swing slider works in the parameter box.

It actually allows a greater positive range than the old one did  and it also allows a negative range which the old one didn't permit. Anything below 50 is a negative swing. A setting of around  74 or so (not an exact measurement) is where the older version of the slider maxed out.  Once you are aware of the changes you'll adapt to it fairly quickly. I would say that quite a few people missed this one among the long list of new features.


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